Using WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

A walk-through of the new WordPress Plugin Boilerplate and how to use it for your plugins. From simple stuff to more complex plugins.

John James Jacoby (JJJ)

Content quality and social media

Do you create content for search engines or for people? If you answer, “people,” you’re at once ahead of your time and behind it.

Only now are SEO specialists finally catching up to what most copywriters have known since the medium first hit the computer screen – content matters more than keyword loading. Join Gery L. Deer, at 2PM Saturday for a discussion on the elements of high-quality content to generate organic search results and retain visitors.

A Pulitzer-nominated, 20-year veteran freelance journalist, copywriter, IT professional, and entrepreneur, Gery has provided both code and content for website over the years and has always maintained content over keywords. “If the idea is to sell something or drive traffic to and through a website, the only option is to offer visitors the highest quality written, audio and video content possible.”

He’ll also show how this concept will make your social media posts more effective and drive LIKES and new followers to your content.

Writing Better Documentation

Many times when we develop something new, documentation is the last thing we think about. In this talk, Jeff Matson discussed techniques to write better documentation to increase user experience and decrease support tickets.

Small Business Photography

This course will focus on my five key tips and tricks to creating better product photos for social media, marketing, and website use. While we will focus heavily on the photography side of things, there will be social media tidbits thrown in along the way.

Build your Personal Brand with WordPress

It used to be that the only way to meet someone was in-person or over the phone. During that meeting, you typically gave a first and lasting impression. Today however, you are making that same first impression even while you sleep. If you are not actively managing your online profile, then you are leaving the impression you make on others up to Google. I know, because not long ago I did the same thing.

Imagine my surprise when I Googled myself only to discover that I was not the only Ryan Rhoten in the world. Worse, one of the other Ryan’s was on page one four times because he had recently been arrested, again. Today, I “own” nearly every result on the first 3 pages of Google.

Learn how I use my WordPress blog to build my personal brand, Become Visible and push the other Ryan’s further down in the search results.

Building an Email List With Your WordPress Blog for Traffic, Revenue and Influence

When successful bloggers are asked “what’s one thing you’d change if you could go back to the beginning?” the answer is very often “I should’ve built a list sooner!” This presentation will demonstrate why building an email list is one of the most powerful ways to grow your WordPress blog. It will cover the best plugins and services to use; tips on where and how to configure them on your blog; strategies for increasing conversions; and how to use your new list to drive visits, sales and conversations.

Automattic Q&A

Do you want to know more about the differences between and self-hosted version of WordPress? Want to learn more about all the products that Automattic is responsible for?

In this session, feel free to ask questions to a few of the Happiness Engineers that work at Automattic.

WordPress as a Backend

With the release of the WordPress JSON API expected later this year, WordPress is primed to serve as a viable backend for single-page web applications of the future. The presentation will explain the benefits of using WordPress in this context and include a short demonstration to show how WordPress can be integrated in a typical single-page application technology stack.

Premeditated Architectural Bliss – Post Types, Taxonomies, and Advanced Custom Fields

This session will cover how to conceptually plan and architect your site to collect and store data the same way that the big sites do. Rather than giving end-users the keys to the site and wishing them the best with the WYSIWYG, we’ll look at how to set up a WP site to eliminate confusion and ensure consistency through a properly thought-out WP Admin setup using Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Minor code examples will be shown to demonstrate how easy it is to take advantage of a properly structured site, but most of the talk will be discussion-based for ease of access. These are features that everyone can take advantage of today regardless of technical proficiency. Familiarity with The Loop may be helpful, but is not required.

How to Podcast with WordPress

Podcasts are rising in popularity and allow you to connect more personally with an audience. You can share your passions, or build your business. Learn the plugins, tools, and techniques you’ll need to launch and host a successful podcast from your own WordPress-powered website.

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Why Jetpack is Essential For the Casual Blogger

Jen’s talk will focus on the essentials of the Jetpack plugin for the casual blogger, beginning with installation of Jetpack, connecting to, and how to get help from Jetpack Happiness Engineers. An overview of the benefit of using Jetpack instead of multiple individual plugins will be discussed, and Jen will spend some time talking about the most exciting and important modules within Jetpack for the publisher user, such as Publicize, stats, Sharing, Photon, and beautiful Tiled Galleries and Carousel.




Panel: Fight Impostor Syndrome

If you’ve ever felt as if you’re “not good enough” to be part of a team, or you feel your success is owed more to luck than hard work and talent, you’ve likely dealt first-hand with Impostor Syndrome. It’s a common affliction, especially in the world of software, but if left untreated it can interfere with career advancement, wreck your personal life, or lead to total burn-out. This panel is meant to be an open and honest conversation about Impostor Syndrome, how it affects all of us, and what we can do to combat it. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of Impostor Syndrome and tips that they can use to fight it. Audience participation is encouraged; after all, we’re all in this together.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Shortcodes (plus some)

Shortcodes are one of the coolest and most powerful features in WordPress. They empower us and enable us to do things far beyond simple word processing within our content.In this session we will: – Cover the many useful applications of shortcodes – Discuss why they are so cool – Walk through creating a basic shortcode – Explore creative ways to make shortcodes more user friendly Will cover the basics as well as some intermediate concepts.

Making Blogging a Habit

People start new blogs all the time, only to abandon them with just a few entries written. I’ll talk about how to

– give your blog focus
– get started on serial posts
– create an editorial calendar
– where to find inspiration

I want to give bloggers the tools they need so they won’t want to give up after just a few posts.

Crowdsourcing A WordPress Project

Lessons learned and technologies used in the HeroPress Kickstarter project. (note, this kickstarter will be closed by the time WordCamp comes, I’ll get no financial benefit from this at all. Also, at this point I don’t know if it’ll be a success or not, so it might be a look at what we SHOULD have done)

Mystery Solved!

In this session, I plan to solve the “pages vs. posts” mystery. Many new users of WordPress get confused by this. What’s the difference. When to I post, when do I add a page. We’ll dawn our best Scoody Doo hats and solve this mystery once and for all.

Making Your WordPress Search Engine Friendly and Web Marketing Ready

Even directly out of the box WordPress is one of the most search engine friendly CMS’s in existence. However it doesn’t offer everything you need to make your site search engine friendly without doing a bit of customization. This presentation will show the audience how to make their site search engine friendly. We’ll go through various settings and different plugins that are needed to truly prepare a WordPress website for a full-scale web marketing campaign.

WordPress in Schools

Learn how Newark Public Schools (NJ’s largest school district – 40,000 students; 70 schools) cut their annual web site technology budget in half by migrating to WordPress from a closed-source, proprietary, expensive, vendor-controlled SaaS CMS. Hear stories from the trenches about budget battles, angry/clueless technology vendors, frustrated administrators from one guy with a vision to disrupt the market and bring better web site technology to our public schools.

Intro to WordPress Hooks

This talk will be geared towards WordPress users who have taken the dive into customizing WordPress. The goal is to take them from copying and pasting random code snippets in functions.php, and have them better understand the event driven nature of WordPress.

In addition to a basic discussion of actions and filters, this discussion will also include coding examples of hooks in action.

To make this talk more relevant to developers already past the hooks hurdle, I would also end the talk by touching on the concept of adding custom WordPress hooks into your own code.

Increasing your site’s revenue with WooCommerce

As an official WooThemes Ninja, I’ve worked with themes, with plugins, and with stores all shapes and sizes – literally thousands of sites trying their best to sell online, promote their cause, or just break even on hosting costs until they make it big. While adding eCommerce functionality might not be the first thought, there are HUGE benefits that you can create without selling goods – the topic would introduce a variety of methods, in addition to addressing existing store owners on how to better engage their audience.

BBB ~ Beyond Basic Blogging

Okay, so you have a blog set up.. now what?

What are the guidelines for Google?
How to get your readers to sign up.
What are dofollow links?
Ad what? Using Adsense and other sources to monetize your site.

Depending on the audience, either start with the basic set up and plugins needed to run a blog on your site or take things to a higher level with affiliate links, ads and sponsored posts.

Friday Marketing Panel Discussion

WordPress 101 Part 2

This second part of WordPress 101 with Brian Retterer and Nathan Driver will dive more into WordPress and how to use some of its features.

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WordPress 101 Part 1

Join Brian Retterer and Nathan Driver as they dive into WordPress 101.

This session will introduce users to WordPress and get them comfortable with the popular content management system.

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