Speaker Announcement

Topher DeRosia

Crowdsourcing A WordPress Project

Lessons learned and technologies used in the HeroPress Kickstarter project.

Website: http://topher1kenobe.com

Twitter: topher1kenobe

Pam Kocke

Making Blogging a Habit

People start new blogs all the time, only to abandon them with just a few entries written. I’ll talk about how to

– give your blog focus
– get started on serial posts
– create an editorial calendar
– where to find inspiration

I want to give bloggers the tools they need so they won’t want to give up after just a few posts.

Website: http://pyjammy.com

Twitter: pyjammy


Cameron Barrett

WordPress in Schools

Learn how Newark Public Schools (NJ’s largest school district – 40,000 students; 70 schools) cut their annual web site technology budget in half by migrating to WordPress from a closed-source, proprietary, expensive, vendor-controlled SaaS CMS. Hear stories from the trenches about budget battles, angry/clueless technology vendors, frustrated administrators from one guy with a vision to disrupt the market and bring better web site technology to our public schools.

Website: http://cameronbarrett.com

Twitter: camworld


Kyle Maurer

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Shortcodes (plus some)

Shortcodes are one of the coolest and most powerful features in WordPress. They empower us and enable us to do things far beyond simple word processing within our content.In this session we will: – Cover the many useful applications of shortcodes – Discuss why they are so cool – Walk through creating a basic shortcode – Explore creative ways to make shortcodes more user friendly Will cover the basics as well as some intermediate concepts.

Website: http://realbigplugins.com

Twitter: MrKyleMaurer


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