Speaker Announcement

Andrew Walsh

Building an Email List With Your WordPress Blog for Traffic, Revenue and Influence

When successful bloggers are asked “what’s one thing you’d change if you could go back to the beginning?” the answer is very often “I should’ve built a list sooner!” This presentation will demonstrate why building an email list is one of the most powerful ways to grow your WordPress blog. It will cover the best plugins and services to use; tips on where and how to configure them on your blog; strategies for increasing conversions; and how to use your new list to drive visits, sales and conversations.




Andrew Duthie

WordPress as a Backend

With the release of the WordPress JSON API expected later this year, WordPress is primed to serve as a viable backend for single-page web applications of the future. The presentation will explain the benefits of using WordPress in this context and include a short demonstration to show how WordPress can be integrated in a typical single-page application technology stack. This is an advanced topic targeted at developers familiar with RESTful APIs and JavaScript.




Daniel J. Lewis

How to Podcast with WordPress

Podcasts are rising in popularity and allow you to connect more personally with an audience. You can share your passions, or build your business. Learn the plugins, tools, and techniques you’ll need to launch and host a successful podcast from your own WordPress-powered website.





Ryan Rhoten

Build your Personal Brand with WordPress

It used to be that the only way to meet someone was in-person or over the phone. During that meeting, you typically gave a first and lasting impression. Today however, you are making that same first impression even while you sleep. If you are not actively managing your online profile, then you are leaving the impression you make on others up to Google. I know, because not long ago I did the same thing.

Imagine my surprise when I Googled myself only to discover that I was not the only Ryan Rhoten in the world. Worse, one of the other Ryan’s was on page one four times because he had recently been arrested, again. Today, I “own” nearly every result on the first 3 pages of Google.

Learn how I use my WordPress blog to build my personal brand, Become Visible and push the other Ryan’s further down in the search results.




Riley Paulsen

Premeditated Architectural Bliss – Post Types, Taxonomies, and Advanced Custom Fields

This session will cover how to conceptually plan and architect your site to collect and store data the same way that the big sites do. Rather than giving end-users the keys to the site and wishing them the best with the WYSIWYG, we’ll look at how to set up a WP site to eliminate confusion and ensure consistency through a properly thought-out WP Admin setup using Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Minor code examples will be shown to demonstrate how easy it is to take advantage of a properly structured site, but most of the talk will be discussion-based for ease of access. These are features that everyone can take advantage of today regardless of technical proficiency. Familiarity with The Loop may be helpful, but is not required.




Cyrissa Carlson

Small Business Photography

This course will focus on my five key tips and tricks to creating better product photos for social media, marketing, and website use. While we will focus heavily on the photography side of things, there will be social media tidbits thrown in along the way.