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Sherryl Wilson

BBB ~ Beyond Basic Blogging

Okay, so you have a blog set up.. now what?

What are the guidelines for Google?
How to get your readers to sign up.
What are dofollow links?
Ad what? Using Adsense and other sources to monetize your site.

Depending on the audience, either start with the basic set up and plugins needed to run a blog on your site or take things to a higher level with affiliate links, ads and sponsored posts.”
I own Simply Sherryl and The Homeschool Village..both lifestyle blogs with a focus on family. I also write for several travel sites on a monthly basis.

Bobby Bryant

Intro to WordPress Hooks

This talk will be geared towards WordPress users who have taken the dive into customizing WordPress. The goal is to take them from copying and pasting random code snippets in functions.php, and have them better understand the event driven nature of WordPress.

In addition to a basic discussion of actions and filters, this discussion will also include coding examples of hooks in action.

To make this talk more relevant to developers already past the hooks hurdle, I would also end the talk by touching on the concept of adding custom WordPress hooks into your own code.

Stoney deGeyter

Making Your WordPress Search Engine Friendly and Web Marketing Ready

Even directly out of the box WordPress is one of the most search engine friendly CMS’s in existence. However it doesn’t offer everything you need to make your site search engine friendly without doing a bit of customization. This presentation will show the audience how to make their site search engine friendly. We’ll go through various settings and different plugins that are needed to truly prepare a WordPress website for a full-scale web marketing campaign.

Joe Rozsa

Mystery Solved!

In this session, I plan to solve the “pages vs. posts” mystery. Many new users of WordPress get confused by this. What’s the difference. When to I post, when do I add a page. We’ll dawn our best Scoody Doo hats and solve this mystery once and for all.

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7 thoughts on “Speaker Announcement

  1. I would like to attend your conference, have been blogging approximately a year and am woefully lacking in understanding of all but the most basic things about wp. I tear my hair out staying up until 5 AM repeating same the futile steps over and over and hoping for a different result. I have no coding experience, so the fixes I read about are Greek to me and I would not know how to begin to perform them. I am a good writer of often funny, sometimes inspirational, informational or nostalgic content. Inserting media and hyperlinks I do very slowly with mixed success. I don’t think I have ever been successful in getting my content automatically sent to my Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts, although I try mightily to enable them every way I can think of. My most recent post entitled, “Work One and Job-Hunting in the 21st Century” behaves as though published (is no longer a “Draft”, can only be “Updated”, no longer “Published”); yet I would have been the first to know if it were published, because I subscribe to my own blog and would have gotten an email. My blog is sixtysomethingsister.com. Its name is descriptive. I am a recently retired 66-years-young very atypical (I feel) Boomer gal who loves to learn, whose passion is writing and for whom blogging is a wonderful creative outlet. However, I have bitten off more than I can chew with a self-hosted blog. Bluehost did the more technical behind-the-scenes parts of the setup, and I followed their instructions to complete the rest of the configuration to the best of my ability. They told me I’d be up in a twenty minutes. It took me five hours. Would some kind-hearted soul please look at sixtysomethingsister.com to see if you can determine why my “published” post refuses to reach anyone? I do not want to give this up, but I am not closing the learning gap and am quite weary. Thank you for listening and for your consideration. My name is Blanche Russell, and my email address is makeupmaven1967@aol.com.

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