Speaker Interview – Cameron Barrett

CameronBarrettCameron has been blogging since you were in grade school (well, some of you). He pioneered the blog format in the late 1990s and remembers an eager, bright-eyed young man named Ma.tt being excited to meet one of the “founding fathers of blogging” in 2003.

He’s designed and built web sites for presidential candidates, the U.S. Army, the World Economic Forum, Teach for America and lead the migration of 70+ web sites from a terrifically-bad, proprietary SaaS to WordPress Multisite for New Jersey’s largest public school district.

He hails from Northern Michigan and currently lives in Northern NJ with his family. He is leading the charge for embracing “WordPress in Schools” and his goal is to eventually have all 14,000+ public school districts in this country using WordPress in some way through a services-based company called SchoolPresser.

Why Do You Use WordPress?
I used to be a heavy Drupal user but got tired of waiting for Drupal 8.

When and How Did You Start Using WordPress?
Probably around 2004.

Where can we find you online?
Web: CameronBarrett
Web: SchoolPresser.com
Twitter: @camworld
LinkedIn: Cameron Barrett