Speaker Interview – Ryan Rhoten

I am a branding coach who helps career-minded professionals develop a strategy for establishing their personal brands online.

Since Google never sleeps, more often than not your first impression will be made online. Having a WordPress website is key to standing out from your competition and becoming visible online.

Once your WordPress site is up and running you can rest assured that you will be making a good first impression, even while you sleep.

Why Do You Use WordPress?
I use WordPress because it’s easy to use and so versatile. I can use a basic theme and make no changes or I can make it highly customizable. The platform is flexible enough to provide many options for its users.

When and How Did You Start Using WordPress?
I starting using WordPress in 2010. I was running for the local school board and knew I needed a website. A friend introduced me to WordPress, I built my site and never looked back.

What Tips or Resources would you recommend to a new WordPress User?
For new WordPress users, I recommend YourWebsiteEngineer.com. It’s a tremendous resource for all things WordPress. I also recommend a free course I created to help my clients get started with WordPress at diywebsiteguy.com.

How do you stay informed about WordPress (news, tips, etc)?
I listen to the Your Website Engineer podcast by Dustin Hartzler every week. In the podcast, Dustin provides great tips, advice and updates on all things WordPress. It’s a must listen!

What’s a cool WordPress based site you’ve seen recently?

What do you like most about WordCamps?
Learning and networking. Everyone who attends is genuinely interested in helping others. It’s just a great atmosphere to be around like-minded people.

Where can we find you online?
Web: RyanRhoten.com
Web: DIYWebsiteGuy.com
Web: ThePersonalBrandingBlueprint.com
Twitter: @RyanRhoten
LinkedIn: Ryan Rhoten